Experience & Character

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthen, ambition inspired, and success achieved.

– Helen Keller

Where you’re missing that silver spoon, you’ve got them double Ds [drive and determination]. Sometimes we go through so much and pray that life would be a little bit easier on us, but that’s not how we grow. We have to work harder and smarter. We have to experience the trials and tribulations, to achieve our greater success. Don’t forget that the people we look up to or inspire us the most, didn’t have success handed to them. They did what we are trying to do. Experience builds character!

Peace = Beach

Paradise Beach, Carriacou Grenada WI

This is my idea of peace on earth. Beautiful calm blue waters on a hot sandy beach – serene!
Carriacou is the sister island to my home of Grenada. Every time I travel there, it’s always a bittersweet moment when I have to leave. One day it will become home again.  

HR Chronicles: Cut the Crap

As long as I work in HR, I don’t think I will ever get tired of saying
“I can’t believe this s###”!

Sometimes I cannot believe the stories that I’ve been told or the measures that were taken to deceive or get away with fraudulent activity.

Just yesterday, I had an employee contact me. Long story short, I placed this employee on leave back in January. They did not receive full pay because they did not submit the completed FMLA and Short Term Disabilty forms. They made a mini stink about not receiving a full check, and also claimed that I never gave them any forms. Fast forward to yesterday, this employee calls and asks “if I get the forms completed by my doctor can I get paid because I don’t want to lose my time”. Huh!

I was so confused.

I had to ask if they were referring to the leave from a year ago. The employee had the nerve to say it wasn’t a year ago, and that the doctor was on vacation for 4 MONTHS that’s why they couldn’t get the forms completed (I thought I never gave them to you…any who). I was busy at the moment, so I told the employee I would get back to them.

Now today, the employee calls to follow-up. I went onto explained that the leave was no longer in effect, and we are not going to provide back sick pay (especially when the policy and procedure was not followed). Clearly, they didn’t like the answer because they stated “so I’m going to have to fight this.” A snippet of me wanted to say “just stop, I have so many other pressing issues to deal with than this money making scheme you’re trying to pull”, but of course I didn’t [I couldn’t]. My NO led to the famous question of “who’s your supervisor” – which I provided. After the call, I informed my still newish Director of the situation and now she wants a timeline of the leave event ::rolls eyes:: They love to waste my time!

Am I in the wrong here? I know the nature of my job and what’s required of me. I get instant gratification knowing that I’m able to help an employee in need of information and guidance. But there has to be a limit to the nonsense.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this!

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