About AJ

IMG_1880ajHello… my name is Adanna

– pronounced [Ah-Dan-Na]. First, let me thank you for the taking the time out to learn more about me.

​I am a Human Resources Professional. I am certified through the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). By holding this certification, I am stating my expertise, knowledge, and passion for HR practices in the workplace. Aside from this certification, I also hold a Master’s Degree and an Advancement Certificate in Human Resource Management.

My professional experience is a variation of HR related jobs, along with volunteering and various projects. My blog page will host my personal insights and practicality in human resources. However, the larger scope of my blog focuses on advice, support, and tips for people who experience workplace challenges and barriers to advancement. I’m not professing that I’m certified in career advisement but given that I’ve been on both sides of the table with several years of experience, I think I know a little something.

Right now, I’m amongst the 9-5 working class. I am currently employed as the Senior HR Manager for a nonprofit agency with about 1200+ employees. The programs provided offers services in early childhood education, juvenile justice, foster care and adoption, preventive, development disabilities, and community health. When I’m not putting out fires, I perform contractual work as a resume writer and volunteer when I can.


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