Quit and Submit:” How To Get Unemployment Benefits!

What your employer won’t tell you because it’ll be at their expense: You can sometimes quit your job and still collect unemployment benefits.

Yes that’s right!

It’s usually known that, if you’re fired from your job you can file for unemployment benefits. BUT, it depends on the infraction. In the most simplest form, it’s easier to collect unemployment benefits when you’ve been fired for job performance or not the right culture fit. It gets a bit trickier if you’re fired for misconduct or even attendance. With termination under misconduct (violence, lewd behavior, etc.) and issues such as absenteeism, the employee should have known that their actions would result in the loss of their job. These actions are frown upon by the Department of Labor (DOL), and most likely will result in denial of unemployment benefits.

HOWEVER, if you leave before you are fired you can leave with some of your dignity and still possible collect unemployment benefits. How so you ask? While everyone’s situation can be different, most people leave their place of employment for three reasons: 1) management, 2) money, and 3) relocation. With number one being the top reason in many cases, you can’t simply tell the DOL “oh I hate my manager” as a compelling reason as to why you should receive unemployment benefits.

What you can do though is:

Evaluate the reason why you are leaving and/or left. If you’re leaving because the job is stressful, affecting your work-life balance, and/or causing health related issues; then you can state that it was a stressful workplace. Maybe you didn’t want to leave but you had to because it wasn’t a good fit. Although you didn’t mention leaving because  of management. The stress you incurred and unbalanced work-life can be traced back to management or the employer as a whole.

It’s really difficult for the employer to counter your claim on the workplace environment. Unless the employer can prove that their workplace is a place of joy and happiness, it’s your word against theirs and the odds are in your favor. If you have to quit your job, do not think for one second you aren’t eligible just because you quit.

Lastly, if you left your job to take another job and things didn’t work out. File a claim! It’s likely that you will receive the benefits. Leaving one place of employ to take a job elsewhere doesn’t disqualify you for unemployment insurance benefits. You will never know unless you try. The only other advice I strongly recommend is speaking with your manager about any issues that you may be having. They can never turn around and say you never mentioned it.

If you’re leaving or have left your job for the hell of it. Issa NO for those unemployment benefits. There needs to be a real reason as to why you’ve left your job in order to receive income assistance from the government. The goal is to decrease the unemployment rate so they will challenge all claims for unemployment – be truthful yet strategic.

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