Top 4 Employment Deal Breakers

Why do employees leave?

  1. Lack of Work-Life Balance: Today’s workforce strive for workplace flexibility. Employees like to know that they can maintain work and family life without the two overlapping. You want to be able to take care of family needs without having to attend to work [after hours], and vice versa.

2. Not Feeling Valued: Employees like to feel appreciated. The moment they feel undervalued, they become less invested in the organization. They either continue to work while not engaged or seek out other opportunities. 

3. Directionless Leaders: It can be so frustrating working with a “leader” who lacks planning, organization, and strategy. If a leader cannot provide guidance, support, and mentorship employees will leave. Especially in the early career stages, employees are looking for some kind of mentorship. 

4. Bad Coworker Relationships: Coworker relationships are important. Simply because your place of work is your second home. You spend  a lot of your time there, and you grow to have an extended family. If your work family isn’t working out, you may not want to be a part of that “family” anymore. 

With the changing workforce, there are certain workplace nuisances that are no longer being accepted by employees. In order to retain staff, employers  must sought out strategies that increase employee satisfaction.