Did you really just say that?

We’re not all saints and we’ve had our fair share of “bad behavior”. But disrespecting the HR person and using foul language is NEVER okay.


Just imagine you answer your desk phone only to have the person on the other end be nasty and rude. This happened to my colleague just yesterday.

Scenario: Young lady calls and states that she’s been trying to get in contact with Ms. John (me) for days (it’s Monday).

My colleague informs the young lady that I am away from my desk. Without hesitation this young lady begins to say “I don’t know what games she’s playing, I don’t know what games you’re playing, but I will come up there and I’m going to call equal opportunity”. My colleague had no idea who this young lady was or the reason for her call. She asked the young lady what she needed assistance with, but the young lady didn’t want to state what her issue was, only that it was a personal matter.

Before ending the phone call, the young lady said to my colleague “she better F—king call me back”. The stunning part of this whole situation is that there was the voice of a child in the background, shouting “call back”. I had no idea who this young lady was or what she wanted to discuss with me.

I did not make it urgent in finding out what her issue was, as I refuse to speak with anyone that would behave in that manner. Come to find out later on that day, she was not rehired for a seasonal position because of her work performance and mannerism [go figure]. I’m assuming she wanted to be speak with someone to voice a complaint. The decision to to follow-up with her, remains tentative.

We’ve all had our fair share of crazy, but this was just ridiculous! Being disrespectful and cursing at anyone will not get you anywhere. You have to give respect to get respect. Had this young lady reached out differently, maybe we would have been able to work with her. Perhaps, find her another position that was a better fit.

So… did you really just say that? Because your odds of continuing employment at your current employer or getting hired for that position has now diminished. When communicating with the HR Department, always be courteous as they hold the power to some of your livelihood. Avoid using obscenity in the workplace.