Lost for WORDS


…Seriously I have been. I have several drafts written but then I hit a block. I think I’m trying to accomplish too much at once. I’m always juggling different tasks. Talk about “mentally unorganized”. So here I am writing this post because I don’t want google analytic or whomever to think I’ve gone ghost.

My “writers block” circulates around the questions of “will this be good enough?” “do people even care to know this?” “what will this information do for the person that’s reading it?”. And that’s usually where I end up. I know this post does not relate to what my blog page is suppose to be about, but I want my nonexistent readers to know why my post content is m.i.a. I promise it will get better, as I do want this blog page to be glorious and flourish.

On a side note, I do like to chat on interesting topics and I always have something to say so I’m not sure what’s happening with this lovely brain of mine.

Good reads coming soon!