Respect My Hair

You sometimes hear, a woman’s hair is her beauty.

There are so many styles, colors, lengths, and textures… that we can do so much and achieve many different looks.

Black women in particular have a tendency to switch up their hair ever so often. Whether it’s via a weave, their natural hair, or even a wig. Their looks change from time to time.

In my particular case, my hair changes almost every 2-3 weeks. You can never predict how I’m going to come into work.

Over the weekend, I switched from a weave to long box braids. Now I mention this because this morning at work, a comment was made by my supervisor who should know better.

Here’s my story:

I was in the Assistant HR Director’s office catching up with her because we were both on vacation and haven’t seen each other in a month.

The HR Director walks in and passes her hand in my hair. (Fairly new, been with the company about 6 months)

Me: oh you’re a “toucher”

Her: (with a little giggle) I wanted to see if it was real

Me: *blank stare* – you’re suppose to ask if you can touch someone’s hair

Her: [passively] oh sorry


Asst HR Dir: soooo how was your vacation?

I wasn’t necessarily offended, but the fact that the HR DIRECTOR was not aware that she 1) crossed a professional boundary and 2) once again you’re the HR Director, and that was blatantly inappropriate.

I walked around the office whole day shaking my head. We typically write-up employees for speaking and acting inappropriately to their colleagues. If you cannot practice what you preach then what kind of leader are you.

I don’t like people playing in my hair [mine or not – it’s attached]. I’m also West Indian so we have this belief that hands carry blight. Please respect my personal space.

Moral of the story – DON’T TOUCH MY HAIR!


The hairstyle I’m referring to.