Quit and Submit:” How To Get Unemployment Benefits!

What your employer won’t tell you because it’ll be at their expense: You can sometimes quit your job and still collect unemployment benefits. Yes that’s right! It’s usually known that, if you’re fired from your job you can file for unemployment benefits. BUT, it depends on the infraction. In the …

I’m Young – I Don’t Need Disability Insurance… WRONG!

Here are the exact reasons WHY, you need it: 1. You have the most to lose. Not only are you at a larger risk of getting hurt (based on daily activity), but you also have a larger earning potential. Why wouldn’t you want to protect that? If you’re unable to work …

Autism in the Workplace: 5 Steps HR Professionals Can Take

According to An Employer’s Guide to Managing Professionals on the Autism Spectrum, “young adults with autism experience the highest unemployment rate of any group of individuals with disabilities”. While there may be an array of reasoning behind this, it becomes the responsibly of the employer to create an environment where …

Employment Happenings for 2018

So much has happened in employment for 2017 and even more to come in 2018.

I read an article on SHRM, that compared the “Ins and Outs” for 2018. Some interesting points were highlighted. 2018 is looking like the year of the employee: new leave laws, increased wages, and revamped programs for better talent management and employee retention.

I think most of these changes and shifts will improve workplace culture but there maybe be some downfall. I’m still very skeptical about this “artificial intelligence” in the workplace.